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Affiliate program

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Do you want to become an affiliate?

So what are the benefits?

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You get a 20% commission for all clients you connect with clonable.
You get a free clone for your B2B website and all successive clones are 50% off.
Your logo will appear on the Clonable website, and you will have the option to create a blog on the Clonable website.
Clonable provides tools that allow you to view reports from committees.

Would you also like to become an affiliate?

Then you can sign up in advance!

Step 1

Create a Clonable account

creating a Clonable account is completely free, no credit card details required.

Step 2 - contact woman
Step 2

Please contact us

If you have created an account or already have an account, please contact us about a possible partnership. We can then convert your account to an affiliate account.

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